Andy Taylor
1 min readFeb 8, 2021


Photo by Bilguun Bat-Urnult on Unsplash

When Life Is Unpredictable, Keep Hope Constant

The future is tantalizing. It’s possible to see freedoms we lost in 2020 start to return in the near future.

Then, a setback. A variant emerges. A vaccine’s efficacy is questioned.

The hardest moments are when we have hope, then it recedes.

The solution — if we can do it — is to keep hope constant, whatever is happening.

Sport provides inspiration for many. It reveals life lessons which last years played out across games that take a couple of hours.

I love cricket. I live in Wales, but our national cricket team is England (it’s the England and Wales team). Former England captain Nasser Hussain dragged the England team of my youth from zero-to-hero wobblers to resilient high-achievers. His mantra:

Don’t get carried away with the highs. Don’t despair at the lows.

Let’s do the same and keep our hope constant.



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