Why A Step Change Improvement in Low and No Alcohol Beer Matters

If you like a drink, this could be a game-changer…

Andy Taylor


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto: https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-holding-beer-bottles-5055738/

Do you dismiss no and low alcohol beer as something you’d only have as a last resort? That was me until a couple of weeks ago… but I’ve been very quickly made to think differently.

A recent concussion left me off the booze for a while. But in a way, I’m grateful.

It made me look again at low and no alcohol beer… and that led me to an old friend and a new era in a part of the drinks industry I had wrongly decided wasn’t for me.

A Glimpse Of A Better Future

Years ago, I was training for a marathon and wanted to lay off the alcohol for a while. I searched online and found a business local to me in London, UK (this was before I moved to Wales) that specialised in low and no alcohol drinks.

The company was called Dry Drinker and the owner himself — a guy called Stuart — turned up on my doorstep to deliver the beers I’d ordered.

We got chatting and he shared his vision for a future where low and no alcohol beers would be comparable in range and quality to traditional beers… and that we would all be drinking a lot more of them.

Fast forward 6 years and this week that guy Stuart was chatting to me again, this time on the Nant Fawr Brews podcast (the tiny “just for fun” podcast I make to indulge my dual loves of good beer and great conversation).

Things have gone brilliantly for DryDrinker.com in the intervening years and it’s all turned out pretty much as Stuart foresaw.

That’s something he deserves credit for because he showed belief early and made it possible for UK drinkers to access the higher quality low and no alcohol beers that previously only existed on the continent.

He saw a gap, backed himself to grab the opportunity, rented a small unit, sourced some beers he believed in from the far corners of Europe… and got cracking.

He inspired me, no doubt.

I now run two companies of my own (on my own) and I can trace back an early spark inside me to that conversation I had on the doorstep with Stuart as he handed me a…



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