Photo by Kai Dörner on Unsplash

Why Alternate Realities Intrigue Us So Much

It’s never knowing what might’ve been

According to Nick Bostrom, there’s more than a 50% chance that we’re all living in a computer simulation. That blows my mind. But it’s so far detached from my understanding that I don’t let it worry me.

What does intrigue me is where I’ve ended up in life and where I could have ended up. Alternate realities tantalize us with what might’ve been, so we’re drawn to stories involving them.

We like to think we control our lives, but so much is down to chance. Imagine our current life situation is one leaf on a tree. There can be 200,000 leaves on a single tree.

When we were born we were one of the cells in the sapling. How did we end up as that leaf on that twig, on that branch?

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