Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

Why Does Company Culture Detach Leaders From Reality?

I applaud Jennifer Barnett’s article about her experiences in publishing. It rang too many bells about my media career.

I didn’t experience sexism (though I saw it).

But the power plays, politics, immaturity and plain bad leadership displayed by people at the top — that all sounds very familiar.

The solution is simple. Younger leaders.

I remember a feeling amongst us ‘next generation’-ers: “We could do this better”.

If any of us had risen quickly, all of us would have been happy, because the culture would have progressed for everyone.

Those who would be great leaders, often despair at the glacial pace of change, and leave.

Those who stay, rise, eventually, but forget what it’s like in the engine room of the business. They’ve spent so long reaching the top that they’ll do anything to protect their position.

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