Why I’m Moving The Goalposts

Sometimes you have to call it

Andy Taylor
3 min readMay 16, 2022


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A few weeks back I set myself a challenge designed to demonstrate the value of reading on this platform. I aimed to read 10 pieces of new writing a day for as close to 31 consecutive days as possible.

Reading is a quadruple threat (in a good way). It widens your knowledge, improves your writing, gives you ideas for articles and draws more people toward your own output.

And yet. Most of us writers on here focus almost exclusively on writing. I’m guilty of it myself. If I only have an hour available, do I write or read? Too often, the answer is to write.

Time. The one resource we can’t create more of. Facing this reality is why I’m having to move the goalposts on my challenge…

Be Honest And Adapt

Sometimes, you bite off more than you can chew. I’ve had real issues fitting in the time required to read the 10 articles each day (and knock out an article listing each one along with a quick comment, to evidence it all).

Throw in work travel (remember that?) and my time has disappeared, and with it my opportunities to read or write.

But, interestingly, despite my writing and reading levels dropping off a cliff in the last 10 days, my views and reads have remained relatively consistent.

Without trying to pre-judge the results of my challenge (and accepting the possibility of a bit of confirmation bias on my behalf) I think that the few days of reading 10 articles I did manage, have helped keep my views and reads up.

That’s encouraging. And it makes me determined to complete the challenge.

But I have to be honest — I can’t fit in 10 new articles a day. So, I choose to adapt.

Rather than dump the challenge completely, I’m going to drastically reduce the workload so it is something I can commit to and finish.

No longer 10 articles a day. Now just 2.

Everything else will remain the same. I will still attempt to keep the days consecutive (now far more likely) and I will read new writing loosely based around topics and tags I myself have written about in the past.

You can follow the challenge via my (slightly re-purposed for this challenge) publication, 100 Days 100 Ways.

Final Thoughts

I’m all for delivering what you said you would. But, at the same time, realism has to win out. Far better to still complete the challenge — albeit at a reduced level — than just walk away from it.

Live and learn.

Write and read.

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