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Why Leaving Them Alone Might Be The Best Way To Help

Peace and solitude are powerful and rare

In a busy family, the pace of life and general “what’s going on-ness” takes over. It becomes it’s own presence, another seat at the table that needs feeding. This extra family member doesn’t feed on food, it feeds on information.

And when that information is missing, the whole edifice creaks. People wonder, worry, “try to help”, plan (often in opposite ways), catastrophize and obsess over “what is happening”.

To find out what is happening, focus on the now, and the people. Perhaps there’s one person that does need help. It could be that what they need is to be left alone, instead of being the focus of everyone’s enquiries.

Information can’t be magicked up. Sometimes all you can do is smile and wait. Two very hard things to do.

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