Photo by Chris Stenger on Unsplash

Writing To No-One

When I started on Medium I was so afraid of getting zero views that I ensured my first two articles were shareable in groups where I knew I’d get some clicks.

Then, I got (wrongly) caught in the sanity-sapping black hole that is chasing success. I tried to please big publications, worked on headlines, pored over stats etc.

Right now, I happily write to no-one. I love it when people read and enjoy what I write. But I don’t need it.

Currently, writing brings me rewards in the process, not the results.

“What can I write that this big publication will publish?” = not fun

“What do I want to say?” = glorious

I’m a hypocrite though (we’re all hypocrites). The early “work” of my first months means I’m membership-neutral. It’s important — to me.

We all have to find where our happy is.

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