Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

Yes, Life Is Frustrating

Sometimes you just need to hear that

I’m all for positivity. But there are times when you need someone to acknowledge your struggles. Just a little bit. A healthy part of life is letting the bad stuff out. Expressing it. Screaming, shouting, moaning.

If I had to guess at a number (and let’s face it, most self-help advice on this platform is guesswork), I’d say aim for no more than 10% of your time / headspace / thoughts to be negative. The rest positive.

“No!” people will cry. “No negativity allowed!”

But at school, if you scored 9/10 in a test you’d be overjoyed! Positivity perfectionism is no use to anyone. Life isn’t as neat and tidy as that. Bottle up feelings and they will explode randomly. Better a deliberate and considered release of tension.

Life is frustrating (at times). I get it.

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