Photo by Alessandro Bogliari on Unsplash

You’ve Only Got A Certain Number Of Days

Think about how you’ll use them

One of my heroes is cricketer Freddie Flintoff. He never thought he was special (although he undoubtedly was), simplified his game, raised his performance instinctively when it mattered, relished tough situations, and always maintained a sense of humour.

(In cricket, a delivery is the action of bowling one ball.)

“Aged 23, looking at the injuries I was getting, I realized I only had a certain number of deliveries left in my body. I didn’t want to waste them in training. So I thought more. Visualized. When I went on the pitch I felt I’d done more practice than I had. I couldn’t bowl at 80%. Every delivery was everything I had.” — Freddie Flintoff

Think. Visualize. Realise you only have a certain number of days. Don’t waste them. Give each day everything you have.

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