Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

You’ve Spent 20 Years Getting Really Good At Something

…now you have to work out what it is.

Flipping the script is instructional, but takes some getting used to. Poacher turned gamekeeper. Journalist turned politician. Public servant turned business person.

All the time we learn, improve and ingrain skills… but we don’t always realise.

I discovered one recently. I’d made a podcast for a corporate client who wanted to check what we’d made with the guest and the sponsor.

Twenty years in broadcasting trained me to be wary giving out power of approval. The ‘journalistic integrity’ and ‘editorial bias’ warning lights flashed brightly.

But in the corporate world it makes sense. My job is to serve the client. Their job is to serve the sponsor. And this was not a news piece.

I found the switch to manually over-ride the alarm systems. But I’m glad they are there.

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