Photo by Thais Do Rio on Unsplash

Let’s Stop Repeating Ourselves And Create New Stuff

Marvel’s new TV experiment — Wandavision — is a joy. Why? Because it’s different. Even better, it’s surprisingly original because Marvel has — if we’re honest — been pumping out slightly tweaked versions of the same thing for years.

What is new about Wandavision? TV sitcom format? Old as the hills. Retro feel? The clue is in the word ‘retro’ — it’s been done before. It feels fresh because it’s brave, risky and unexpected...for Marvel.

A lot of writing on blogging platforms is designed to make money. Grabby headline, bright image, then roll out the same content that’s worked before. Throw enough of it out there, some will stick.

Is that good enough?

As writers, how far do we want to move away from the artisan chocolatiers we started as… toward the mega-factories churning out identikit blocks of cocoa mass and sugar that we’ve become?

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